Ladies – Skirt


Complete interlinings

Elastic or non-elastic outer fabrics, extremely lightweight or very heavy outer fabrics – MDR Fusing interlinings help to support the desired look of your skirt and to increase wearer comfort.

Come and test our elastic interlinings. No matter whether it‘s nonwoven or weft inserted materials: MDR Fusing interlinings greatly increase wearer comfort.

MDR Fusing tapes for edges, hems and pockets also help to keep a perfect fit.


Waistbands, Yoke

Various nonwoven, woven and weft-inserted interlining in different weights and handles are available.

Of course, they are also available as pre-cut, perforated or reinforced tapes and as preformed tapes tailored to your specific needs.


Hems, Edges

For the processing of hems, various lightweight nonwoven, woven and weft-inserted interlinings are available. They are also available as tapes (straight-, semi-bias-, bias-cut, sewn) or as preformed parts.

MDR Fusing is Canada’s leading Distributor of Fusible Interlining,
contract fusing, sponging & automated cutting services
for the North American women & men clothing industry.

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