Hommes – Jacket


Complete interlinings

Lightweight to heavyweight and frequently coated outer fabrics were used in the production of men‘s outdoor jacket.

How would you like to process this jacket or which functions do you want it to have?

Whether it‘s a standard interlining, wadding against the cold or temperature-control mPCM interlinings (Comfortemp ®): we will gladly help you to find your individual solution.



Woven interlinings (non-elastic, mono-elastic, bi-elastic) available in weights ranging from 20g/m² to 100g/m².

Weft-inserted interlinings in 100% PES / mono-elastic and PES / CV / non-elastic in weights ranging from 30g/m² to 100g/m².



For the processing of plackets, various lightweight nonwoven, woven and weft-inserted interlinings are available. Also available as tapes (straight, semi-bias cut, bias-cut or sewn) or as preformed parts.



For the processing of collars various nonwoven, woven and weft-inserted styles in weights ranging from 20 g/m² to 100 g/m² are available.



For the processing of hems, various lightweight nonwoven, woven and weft-inserted interlinings are available. They are also available as tapes (straight-, semi-bias-, bias-cut, sewn) or as preformed parts.


Small Parts

For the processing of small parts, various lightweight nonwoven, woven and weft-inserted styles can be used which are also available as preformed parts.




From 40 to 150 g/m², with a snug fit, a very agreeable and soft handle and a fibre-migration free surface.

Comfortemp® = mPCM temperature-control nonwovens

Comfortemp® interlinings are smart interlinings with integrated mPCM materials. They respond to changing body and outdoor temperatures. Depending on the wearer‘s situation and level of activity, they absorb excess body heat and store it until it is needed again. So the wearer stays in the comfort zone longer: with Comfortemp® you stay warm when it‘s cold and cool when it‘s hot.

Thermocollage MDR Inc. fourni une vaste gamme d’entoilages
thermocollant de qualités supérieur pour l’industrie
du vêtement au Canada, aux États-Unis et à travers le monde.

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